Your Interest First

At MMHP Investment Advisors we are rooted in the belief that clients come first. We like to say that we treat our clients with the same care and attention as we would a member of our family hence our philosophy of “Your Interest First.” We support this notion with three simple but unique core values that we test ourselves against every day, week, month, and year.

We honor longevity. For us our relationships with our clients need to be for the long term so we can accomplish their goals. It starts with laying a solid foundation and creating a plan for stability via responsible growth strategies.

We insist upon the right match. In order to attain success via longevity we have to know that our collective interests are aligned for both client and advisor. We constantly evaluate the relationship as closely as our clients to assure we are all as transparent, honest, and committed to shared ideals as possible.

We are grounded in consistent growth. Investment strategies come and go but we are in it for the long haul to deliver the most consistent returns that meet a client’s long-term objectives. We like to say it’s not a performance derby but rather a focus on client outcomes.